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Carpentry  /  March 9, 2023

Kitchen Remodel Pasadena – 7 Cabinets Colors to Inspire You

Kitchen Remodel Pasadena

Kitchen Remodel Pasadena – March 09, 2023 – Painted cabinets are a popular thing these days, as plain wood cabinets are slowly becoming the dated option these days. But which colors are the right one for your space? There are endless options as far as colors go that it can be overwhelming, especially for people who tend to be color shy. The right color cabinets can transform your kitchen remodel Pasadena space into a stylish room in your home. When you are choosing color cabinets for your kitchen remodel Pasadena, CA, here are 7 awesome colors to get inspiration from.

1. Beige/Grey = Greige

Greige is a combination of beige and grey, which is a neutral tone that has become incredibly popular these days. This is a neutral that looks pretty amazing with a wide variety of different metals and backsplashes, really allowing you to transform the space into something incredible by doing kitchen remodel Pasadena. This can be a timeless color, one that can stay as you change various other features around the kitchen.

2. White

White cabinets may seem overdone, but the reason that these are still so popular is because they are timeless. They can also work with a wide variety of design schemes from rustic to modern. This is a color that is always on trend, something that won’t be dated in a few years like some of the other colors that you can choose from. White is not only great because it’s timeless, but also because it can allow you to be bold and creative with other features of your kitchen.

3. Navy

What’s great about navy is it gives you a darker color for your space without having to choose black for kitchen remodel Pasadena. Navy is becoming a popular choice for cabinets because this is also a timeless color. Often considered a neutral color due to its versatility, this is an elegant touch that also goes with a variety of other design schemes like traditional, modern, and transitional aesthetics.

4. Sage

Organic shades like sage are also becoming a timeless option. These colors are something that help bring the natural elements from the outside into the inside of your kitchen remodel Pasadena. Sage green can be found throughout nature and it’s just a calming color that can help you love your kitchen even more. If you love nature, this is the color for you.

5. Pale Grey

Pale grey lacks the undertones of the beige, but still offers you that subtle, neutral tone that makes features like your metal accents stand out even more. Pale grey is a great color choice if you are looking for a modern feel in your kitchen space. But it’s also a good choice for a traditional looking kitchen as well.

6. Dark Green

Dark green is also having it’s time to shine in 2023. Dark green is a bold color choice that still brings in the natural elements of the great outdoors, but it also has this richness to it that’s so appealing. This is best used in a kitchen to achieve a modern look, but it’s also a great option if you are looking for that farmhouse feel in your kitchen.

7. Soft Pink

When you think about kitchens, pink may not be something that pops out at you. There’s something whimsical about a soft pink in the kitchen. This can be muted and refined, adding a uniqueness to the space that your friends will talk about. Use it with a nice white and this color cabinet will really pop and look incredible.


The Handyman Connection of Pasadena is a leading team in kitchen remodeling projects, making them the team to trust for your next project. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want to make sure that it is a space that you love being in, not dread. If you want a kitchen transformation, contact The Handyman Connection today.

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