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Outdoors  /  July 11, 2022

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Small Outdoor Space in the Mount Pleasant, SC Area

small outdoor space

Here are some low-cost ideas for updating your outdoor space and giving it a whole new look in no time. See how you can maximize your current budget without breaking the bank, and what small ideas can have a big impact.


A new deck may be out of reach, but patios are a more practical way to create an outdoor space for lounging or relaxing. Instead of pouring or creating a patio, a budget-friendly option is to create a patio anywhere by using concrete pavers. This will allow you to either expand your current patio or create a completely new space.

Privacy Screens

If you have a small backyard or live near other neighbors, you may want a place to relax and get away from it all. Making a privacy screen out of vertical planting is a fantastic idea. Shade can be created by climbing plants, stacked planters, and other methods. You can also hang curtains or drapes around your sitting areas to create a low-cost and peaceful environment.


The way you light a space can have a significant impact on its mood, environment, and functionality. Lights, for example, can illuminate tripping hazards at night and create a cozy atmosphere with warm-colored lights. Hang string lights to create a magical ambiance and enjoy the effect.


Make a great space for hanging lights, curtains, and arranging patio furniture without having to build an entire patio.

With these helpful hints, you can transform your backyard and create a fantastic outdoor space. There are many ways to make your space look brand new without breaking the bank, such as lighting up your spaces, installing a pergola, or hanging up some curtains for privacy. Begin planning today and see what you can come up with!

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