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Home Improvement  /  April 6, 2021

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Discover Small Bathroom Storage Ideas in Mount Pleasant, SC & Surrounding Areas

A small bathroom can make it hard to keep everything organized and in its place. Having lots of toiletries, the hairdryer, wires, cleaning products, and more all on the counter, in sight, or underfoot will make your bathroom feel even smaller than it is. Make it a goal to clear these spaces out and store what you can in custom cabinetry, get creative with wall hanging storage, and more. Here are some small bathroom storage ideas to take advantage of the space you have.

Custom Cabinetry

Expand the cabinets under your counter and sink, add storage above the toilet, or if there is an open corner where a cabinet can be built flush against the wall, these options will save you the headache of finding where to put everything. Your needs and your imagination are your only limits here.


Hang up those towels, washcloths, and more instead of taking up the counter space. Add variety with different hanging lengths and create your look with different styles and colors.

Over-the-Door Shelf

Don’t get anything too heavy-duty looking but take advantage of this space if you have nowhere to put your extra towels or linens.

Trays and Organizers

If you have to have your favorite items out for everyday use, don’t let them lay around haphazardly. Get a small tray to place by your sink and hold your items neatly. Or, stick-on wall organizers on the wall to have a place to keep lotions, make-up, and more.

Shower Storage

A second shower rod can be installed to expand your bathroom storage. Hooks off the rod can hang a caddy for your shampoo and conditioner, hooks for the loofa, and more. This will conveniently keep everything out of your way and all nearby at the same time.

These tips might seem simple, but they will go a long way to making your small bathroom more manageable. Get creative with these bathroom storage ideas and see how you can improve your space.

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