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Home Improvement  /  February 17, 2021

Home Improvement and the 5 Ways to Child Proof Your Home in Mount Pleasant, SC

Dependable Home Improvement and the 5 Ways to Child Proof Your Home and Home Improvement in Mount Pleasant, SC & Surrounding Areas

When you have a child, your home becomes a jungle of possibilities for injury, accidents, and more with a curious toddler crawling about. There are multiple small home improvement projects you can complete to safely child-proof your home and to save yourself the stress of worrying. Here are our handymen’s top 5 ways to child proof your home right away.

Our first four home improvements are some of the easiest to complete since you can purchase and use many of these items right away. Make these additions to your home to give yourself some peace of mind.

  1. Cover all outlets in your home to prevent risk of electrical shock. Outlet covers will prevent anything being stuck into the socket.
  2. Cover corners with corner guards, foam, or more to prevent and reduce bad accidents from running or falls.
  3. Purchasing gates to install at worrisome locations such as the top or bottom of stairs for toddlers, or at the entrance to a kitchen or laundry room will help keep the kids away from any hazards those rooms possess.
  4. Child locks can be purchased and placed on all cabinets, doors, and drawers to keep kids away from sharps, chemicals, and more.
  5. More serious home improvements to keep your children safe would be to bolt down or to the wall, all top heavy, tall, or light furniture. This prevents the furniture from falling on or injuring your child if they try to climb them, pull up on them, and more.

Complete these five simple home improvements to make your home a safe environment for a child. Children are ever curious so they are known for playing with or touching things they shouldn’t. Reduce these risks with the use of child proof locks, corners, door handles, gates, and more.

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