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Home Improvement  /  December 14, 2020

3 Tips For Finding the Best Handyman for the Job

If you’re a homeowner, your home could probably use a little work. It’s just a fact that no matter how well something is built, it’ll still break down eventually. Perhaps you could use some plumbing work, or you have to shove your shoulder into your front door to get it to close. Whatever the issue, you’ll need to find the best handyman to ensure the work gets done right. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your search.

Take Your Time to Find the Right Handyman

Even if you’re stuck in an emergency, you shouldn’t hire the first handyman you see. Better to wait a little while than hire a cousin who says he’s good with a hammer. Thanks to the internet, you can do a thorough search of handymen in the area without too much trouble. Look for customer reviews, and research the costs of different craftsmen. You’ll want to make sure any potential handyman is experienced and that they have the proper licensing as well.

Ask Your Friends and Family

As valuable as Yelp reviews are, there’s no better reference than a friend or family member. Ask the people in your life if they’ve had an occasion to hire a local handyman. Was the work completed on time? Were they satisfied with it? How was the pricing? If you’re lucky, someone you trust has hired a handyman to do just the work you’re looking for, and were delighted with the results.

Conduct an Interview

Don’t hire a handyman until they’ve seen the project and can give you an estimate. While consulting with them, pepper them with questions. Find out how long they’ve been in the business, how they prefer to communicate, and how long they expect the project to take. Ask them anything else that’s on your mind. Not only will their answers give you the information you need to make the best decision, but they will give you an indication of whether or not this is a person you want to work with.

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