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Home Improvement  /  June 12, 2020

Optimal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you want to illuminate the house, driveway, or the entire backyard, outdoor lighting can bring your vision to life.

We will take a look at what different types of lighting may be best for your situation. From solar-powered to rechargeable batteries, check out these optimal outdoor lighting ideas.

Why Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to keep the entertainment going into the evening, improving navigation at your home, keeping unseen threats away, and showing off the hard work you put into your landscaping. Here are some of the most popular lighting options.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting, also known as spot lighting, shines a narrow beam of differing intensities on one concentrated area. These lights often highlight unique plants and lawn ornaments. Depending on placement and style, you can make objects in your yard look more statuesque. 

String Lighting

String lighting is a popular way to bring a warm ambiance to your home. String lighting, also known as Edison bulbs, make wonderful additions to outdoor patios, kitchens, gazebos, and more. Look for waterproof with rechargeable batteries to make the most out of this option!

Security Lighting

Keep your house safe with motion-detected lights. These are often the brightest lights and the highest voltage you can have. 

Path Lighting

Path lighting provides your home with a safe way to walk in the night. Solar LEDs are an excellent option for this type of lighting. 

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