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Remodeling>Kitchen remodeling  /  February 20, 2020

Different Sink Styles to Consider for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen might be one of the most trafficked areas in your home which means all of the appliances get plenty of use. Determining which sink styles fit best with your kitchen remodeling plans can really make or break the room.

Finding the balance between functionality and fashion can be a struggle, so sorting through different kitchen sink styles may give you a good starting point for your remodel. The type of sink you choose will depend entirely on your individual taste and the needs of your kitchen, but here are some of the most popular styles to keep in mind.

Four Popular Sink Style Options

1. Single or Double

Do dishes tend to pile up and you feel that you are constantly running out of room? A double sink might be a good fit for you. Typically, a single sink basin will be a bit deeper to hold more dishes and water. But a double sink gives you the option to fill up one sink and leave the other free for cooking.

2. Prep Sink

If you find that you love to cook and you like to experiment in the kitchen you might benefit from installing a prep sink. Usually, this is an additional sink in your kitchen strictly for cooking and not for dishes, but it comes in a variety of options which allows you more freedom to decide what you want.

3. Farmhouse Sinks

These sinks are meant to stand out and be a focal point of your kitchen. The front of the sink is visible instead of disappearing behind cabinets. These sinks most often come in porcelain or copper, but you can go with stainless steel for a more modern look. Farmhouse sinks are also on the larger side giving you more to work with.

4. Integrated Sinks

Opposed to farmhouse styles, integrated sinks combine the countertop and actual sink for a seamless transition. Your sink would be made from the same material as your counter, and that material is entirely your choice. Integrated sinks would take a lot of planning with your kitchen remodeling services team, but can be well worth it for that one of a kind look.

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