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Carpentry  /  January 28, 2020

Should I Replace My Windows?

Most windows should be replaced within 15 to 20 years. But, if they’ve taken a beating from heavy wind, rain or humidity in the last few years, and aren’t working properly, you may need to replace them even sooner.

So when’s the right time to replace your windows? Here are a few signs to look out for, from the home experts at Handyman Connection of Charleston: 

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

1. They no longer open properly

If it takes a Herculean effort to open or shut your windows, it could be that the tracks are either badly worn down or rusted out. Not only is this annoying, but it could be considered a fire hazard, especially if it’s in the bedroom. 

Bedrooms are required to have at least one window with access to the outside in case of a fire. If your only bedroom window cannot be opened quickly in an emergency, it’s time to replace it.

2. They let in wind or rain

If you’re waking up to wet window sills or a cold, drafty house each morning, the seals around your windows may not be in working shape anymore. While caulking could be a temporary fix, you’ll save more on energy bills (and potentially water damage) by upgrading your windows.

3. Your energy bill has skyrocketed

If you’ve noticed your heating or cooling system working overtime, it could be because your windows are letting out the conditioned air from your home. In addition to problems with the seal, this can also be caused by outdated, single-pane windows without the proper coatings to prevent thermal loss. 

Single-pane windows allow heat to escape or penetrate your home more easily, which can make your home hotter or colder, depending on the season.

4. You’re noticing water damage on the wall

Water damage on the inside of your walls could be due to the exterior of your windows being worn down and allowing water between the facade and the interior. Again, caulking can help here, but only for so long – consider replacing your windows entirely to avoid even further water damage to your home’s drywall and studs. 

5. There is moisture in between the panes

If you do have double- or triple-paned windows and are starting to see moisture between them, it could mean that there is a leak in one of the panes. Not only can this cause your windows to insulate your home less efficiently, but it can also result in mold.

Once mold has set in, it can take hold in and around the surrounding walls – it’s best to replace your windows instead of trying to take apart and clean them.

Tips for Choosing Better Windows: 

  • Choose double- or triple-paned windows to reduce thermal loss or gain. 
  • ENERGY STAR-certified windows are the best, most energy-efficient options available.
  • Fiberglass window frames are the ideal material for energy efficiency.

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