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Home Improvement  /  January 24, 2020

Choosing the Right Porch Columns for Your Home 

At Handyman Connection of Mount Pleasant, we know a thing or two about front porch columns and we can help you install any type, style or make you’d like to complete your home’s exterior.

But which columns are best for your home? Learn more about the different porch column options, styles and types right here:

Things to Consider When Choosing Porch Columns

Types of Porch Column Surfaces


As the name suggests, smooth columns have no grooves or indentations on their surfaces and are completely even all around. 

Raised Panel

Raised panel columns have engraved surfaces that resemble the look of a panel on each side; these are only found on square columns. 


Fluted columns have vertical grooves engraved into the sides of the column. In round columns, these grooves go all the way around the surface of the column. In square columns, there are usually 5 or 6 grooves on each of the four faces of the column. 

Columns at Union Station and Arches in Washington, DC
Fluted columns: These columns at Union Station are an example of fluted, Ionic-style columns (but more on Ionic columns later).

Tapered vs. Non-Tapered Columns

Tapered columns flare out slightly, getting wider the further down the column you go (see both images below for examples). 

Non-tapered columns are the same width from top to bottom. 

Both tapered and non-tapered columns can be round or square in shape. 

Round Porch Columns

Tuscan-Style Round Porch Columns on a Grey Home With a Porch Swing
Round, tapered columns: This front porch column is an example of a Tuscan-style column, one of the most common round styles. You can see it’s slightly wider at the bottom than at the top.

Most of the classic, historical column designs are round in shape. The exact style you’ll want for your home depends, but round columns are commonly found on tall, large front porches. 

Most round porch columns you’ll see in the store are typically either fluted, non-fluted, tapered or non-tapered.

But if you’re into architectural history, here are a few architectural terms used for different round column styles: 

  • Doric: A slightly tapered column style with a fluted surface. 
  • Ionic: Slightly more fluted than Doric columns, with Greek-like scrolls drooping over the top. 
  • Corinthian: Extremely ornate, leaf-like top, fluted similarly to the Ionic style. Ideal for homes with ornate exteriors.
  • Tuscan: The Roman adaptation of the Doric, with no fluting on the surface. This is one of the most common round styles used. 
  • Composite: The Roman adaptation of the Corinthian, incorporating the scrolls of the Ionic style with the leaf-like top of the Corinthian. 

Square Porch Columns

Craftsman-Style Home With Porch Columns on a Bright, Sunny Day
Square, tapered porch columns on top of stone pedestals are common in Craftsman-style homes like this.

Square porch columns can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

One of the most popular modern square styles is the Craftsman porch column – this is a square column that tapers out, getting wider toward the bottom. These are commonly placed atop stone or paneled pedestals made of wood or PVC. 

However, thin square porch columns look great on Colonial-style homes with open-concept, covered front porches.

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