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Painting  /  November 27, 2019

How Long Should I Wait Between Coats?

Multiple coats will make your wall shine, filling-in blank spots and creating a consistent layer. Two coats are usually all it takes to get the job done, so that begs the question: how long do you have to wait for the second coat? 

Adding on the second coat of paint might be tempting; especially if you’re at the end of a long remodeling project. Your handyman painter will know the exact answer of how long you’ll have to wait to apply a second coat of paint. But the first coat needs time to set and dry before another layer can be added, so how long should you expect?

What’s the ideal wait time? 

The ideal wait time depends a lot on the type of paint that you’re using. If you’re using latex paint, you can apply it as soon as two to four hours after the first coat. However, if you’re using oil based paint, you’re better off waiting 24 hours for your paint to dry. 

Your wait time will still vary job to job. For example, things like humidity in the room and the consistency of the first coat can all affect drying time. You’re best talking to your handyman painter about the exact wait times. 

Why should you wait so long? 

If you try to add a second coat of paint before the first is dry, you might ruin the entire paint job. At worst, the first coat of paint will pull and peel off the wall as you’re painting the second. If this happens, your paint job will come out uneven and blotchy. It might even start peeling as it dries .

If nothing else, painting the second coat is easier when the first coat is completely dry. Wet paint tends to show up brighter than dry paint, so if you try to paint a second coat too early, it might be hard to see where the first coat ends and the second coat starts. 

How do I paint a second coat? 

There’s a lot of techniques that your handyman painter will utilize as they’re applying the second coat. Since the second coat is – hopefully – going to be the final coat, your handyman might do things a little differently. 

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