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Remodeling  /  October 28, 2019

What remodeling projects require a permit?

It’s easy to forget about the paperwork that goes into a home remodel. If this is your first remodel, you might be looking at what permits are actually needed. Do you need a permit to replace your floor or countertops? What about to tear down the wall that’s been driving you nuts? 

These are valid questions. You’ll want to work with a remodeling services team to answer individual questions about your home, but in general, here are some examples of projects that might require a permit: 

  1. Most electrical work
    Doing anything that would impact the integrity of your existing electric would require a permit. So things like tearing down a wall, inserting a new lighting fixture would require a permit. 
  2. Plumbing 
    Just like electrical, anything that would interfere or involve replacing your plumbing will require a permit. So things like a new sink or dishwasher. 
  3. Flooring
    Because flooring would affect the structural integrity of your home, you would need a permit before making any sort of flooring repairs or replacements. 
  4. Repurposing 
    If you’re repurposing a room for a different use, you might require a permit. Turning a bedroom into an office space is okay, but if you’re turning a garage into an apartment or an attic into a bedroom, you’ll need inspections and permits to get permission. 

Is a permit really necessary?

Permits ensure the safety and integrity of your home. Sometimes a remodel that you have in mind isn’t possible within the confines of your home. Most of the time, a permit is just an added layer of protection. 

How do I get a permit for my project? 

Permits are a great reason why you should rely on professional remodeling services to help you with your home. Permit rules can change depending on the size of your project and the neighborhood you live in, so experts in your area will be able to answer all of your permit questions. 

Reach out to Handyman Connection today to get started on your project and help with any permits that may be needed. 

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