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Home Improvement  /  May 18, 2021

Build a Fire Pit in Lexington, KY

Are You Going to Build a Fire Pit? Learn Everything You Need to Know About Building a Backyard Fire Pit in Lexington, KY & Surrounding Areas

Make the most out of your yard with the addition of a fire pit. Great for gatherings in the summer and an enjoyable warmth during those winter months. Whether you want a fire pit for cooking, social activities, or for the ambience, here is a guide on how to build a fire pit with everything you need to know about the process. Like any project, you can complete it on your own or hire professional craftspeople to help. For now, here are our top tips on how to build a fire pit.

Before you begin building a fire pit, check to see if a fire pit on your property can affect your insurance plan and if there is a local building code you must have permission from first. You will also need to purchase or find several tools such as a tape measure, level, shovels, hand tamper, mallet, concrete or stone pavers, and a garden hose.


There are different sizes and types of fire pits, but they are usually three or four feet across. They can be circle or square shaped and this will determine which kind of stones you need to purchase. For example, trapezoidal blocks are needed to make a ring.

How to Install a Fire Pit

Mark the fire pit’s location with spray paint before digging. Remove sod and dirt and dig seven inches below the surface. Pack all dirt with a hand tamper and make sure it is level. Fill the hole up to a few inches from the surface with crushed gravel. Soak the gravel with a hose and tamp down to make a solid base. Keep your blocks level while laying them out and use sand and a rubber mallet to keep them even. Once the fire pit is constructed, make sure your fire ring fits. If it does, secure all blocks row by row with construction adhesive. Depending on the type of adhesive used, wait a few days to make sure it is fully cured.

Get building that fire pit of your dreams with these tips. Research what kind of fire pit will fit your needs and be sure to reach out to local craftspeople if you need more pointers or help installing. Enjoy every season outside after you build a fire pit.

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