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Home Improvement  /  January 25, 2021

Interior Painting Jobs to Consider For Your Home

Interior Painting with Handyman Connection of Lexington-East, KY

When it comes to making the interior of your home look brand new, you can’t beat a new paint job. Relatively inexpensive, a fresh coat of paint brings new life to your home’s interior walls, and can dramatically update the look and style of everything in your house. Here are a few interior painting ideas you should consider.

Use Stencils for Interior Painting

Stencils aren’t just for drama club. They can be used anywhere, and can add instant panache everywhere they go. You can order the stencil you want online, or find one at your local DIY store. Then the painting process can be done on your own, and is no more complicated than a regular paint job.

Paint the Kitchen Walls

It sounds so simple, but a lot of homeowner don’t take advantage of the impact that interior painting can have on kitchen walls. Instead of sticking with the traditional white or off-white kitchen walls, try something bold like yellow or light blue. You might love the results!

Utilize Stripes

Stripes are a great tool to add a little extra splash to interior painting. More than that, however, is the optical illusion they can provide. As with stripes on clothing, vertical stripes can make a room with low ceilings look taller while horizontal stripes can add width. Not happy with the shape of a particular room? Try stripes!

Brighten a Room With Polka Dots                                                                              

If you’re new to DIY, but want to add some extra flair to a room, applying polka dots to walls is both simple and effective. Polka dots are a strong style choice, so they won’t work everywhere, but they’re perfect for adding pizzazz to a corner of a room, or for some extra whimsy to a child’s room.

When it comes to interior painting, the options that are available to you are endless. If you could use a little help for the perfect paint job, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the experienced craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Lexington-East, KY. Give us a call today!

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