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Home Improvement  /  November 5, 2020

Home Improvement: 5 Best Ways to Child Proof Your Home

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Our Home Improvement Advice and the 5 Best Ways to Child Proof Your Home in Lexington East, KY & Surrounding Areas

If you have a child, it’s time to inspect and imagine every possible danger in your home when it comes to the curious and active minds of children in your home and what home improvements can keep them safe. It can seem overwhelming at first, but here are our handyman’s top tips on how to best child proof your home.

  1. Cover: There are multiple hazards in your home for a small child. Make sure you cover or block off areas such as open radiators, put covers on corners of furniture, and install covers on your outlets and various plugs.
  • Lock: Special child proof locks can be placed on cabinets, drawers, doors, windows, and more. Make sure any items that can become a hazard are locked away in such places.
  • Block: Baby gates are important to put between rooms, at the top and the bottom of the stairs, and more. This prevents children from falling down the stairs or leaving designated rooms that are properly fitted for their safety.
  • Put Away: Make sure all breakable, chokeable, and potentially dangerous items are put up out of the child’s reach or are locked away. Consider home improvement ideas such as storage with custom built cabinets or closets if you run out of places in your home to safely keep these items.
  • Safety: You will need all the help you can get. Make sure alarms in your home such as smoke or CO detectors are working and are given new batteries every year.

With these tips in mind, you have a direction to focus on creating a safe and child-proof home environment. Home improvements such as creating more stable gates, locking cabinets, or adding new detectors can all be done with the help of a local handyman if needed.

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