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Home Improvement  /  August 28, 2020

Picking Wall Trim

Why is wall trim important? Not only does decorative wall trim do a great job of hiding imperfections as well as the juncture where your walls and doors or flooring meet, but it’s also the perfect touch to provide your room with a super clean and finished look. While there are quite a few different wall trim styles to choose from, deciding which type of trim to use or what fits best in your room can be difficult.

To help eliminate some of the confusion, our team put together some of the top options to make your choice a little easier.

  • Door Casings. An unattractive gap that can be found between walls and windows or door frames can use a door casing. Window trim and door casing vary in style, but the common width for these types of trims is usually between two and three inches. This covers the gap and provides a smooth transition between the two structures. Paint these with a gloss paint for added sheen.
  • Baseboards. The unsightly gap between walls and floors has an easy fix. This is where baseboard comes in, and the size ranges anywhere from three to five inches in width. The baseboard is generally simple in style and is often finished off with a small piece of semi-circular quarter-round trim. Baseboards are often painted white or left as sanded and polished wood.
  • Chair Rails. What is a chair rail? Essentially, chair railing is meant to protect your walls from damage caused by dining room chairs and other furniture. But, others find this as a fantastic choice purely for aesthetic purposes. Chain rails can provide a dividing line between two different shades of paint or two different types of wall coverings.
  • Crown Molding. Crown molding is the king of aesthetic purposes. Crown molding, which also goes by cornice molding, is available in a variety of styles and types. Crown molding also benefits from a glossy paint to make it pop.
  • Egg-and-dart. Do you have an older home? If you’re going for a more classic look, the oval egg-like shapes intersect with V-shaped darts found on egg-and-dart molding which can give you the look you’re going for. This Greek-influenced style is often paired with crown molding or chair rail trim.

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