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Home Improvement  /  July 31, 2020

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Did you know when it comes to maintaining hardwood floors you probably already have the tools you need? You can get into a routine with cleaning floors which include vacuuming, dust mopping, and sweeping. 

But, before you get started, know that oversaturating your floors with water or harsh chemicals can do more harm than good. Here are our top 10 tips for hardwood floor maintenance.

Our Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Dazzling Hardwood Floors

Daily Floor Maintenance 

1. Dust The most efficient way to keep your floor free of debris is to dust. By using a microfiber mop you avoid damaging the surface. This is also an effective way to trap dirt just by the effect of static electricity.

2. Sweep No mop? No worries. A broom can help you push the dirt right into a dustpan to be discarded. Be cautious while using coarse bristles on floors.

Weekly Floor Maintenance

3. Vacuum Vacuuming is another efficient way to pick up dirt and dust behind if you can use a bare floor setting. Watch out for the spinning brush as it just flings dirt around and doesn’t pick it up. Additionally, watch out for wheels damaging the floor. If you have a vacuum with stick suction that may be the safest option.

4. Mop Never drench your floors with water while mopping. Yes, it’s ok to use a mist or dash of water as well as natural floor cleaners. But too much water can be damaging.

Monthly Floor Maintenance

5. Polish Consider polishing the floors every 2-3 months. While areas with higher foot traffic may require a little more attention, the average should be this.

Long-Term Floor Maintenance

6. Sand Prepare to do a maintenance coat every 3-5 years. When you decide to sand your hardwood floors the process from start to finish involves sanding off the top layer, removing the sealer and the stain, and then finishing it with a fresh topcoat. Even better, sanding helps remove surface scratches. 

7. Resurface If your floors need a little more work, resurfacing is more in-depth than sanding. In addition to removing the top layer, sealer, and stain, you could also find yourself removing old floorboards or even grinding down uneven ones. Resurfacing can also include reinforcing existing planks with new nails. 

Final Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

8. Cleaners – Floor cleaners infused with essential oils can provide not only a great smell but also a relaxing home environment.

9. Tools – Avoid using heavy-duty or damaging tools to clean your floors. This also includes the use of excessive heat, water, cleaners, soap, and vinegar.

10. Mats – To really protect your home, add protective mats to the highest-trafficked areas of your house, such as entryways.

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