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Home Improvement  /  June 30, 2020

The Most Common Garbage Disposal Problems

The garbage disposal is so common that many homeowners simply cannot do without one. However, when this appliance starts having performance issues, it can mean unpleasant smells coming from your sink. To keep your garbage disposal system running sound, here’s an indicator of what to watch for when it begins to fail.

Garbage Disposal Issues

The Sink is Not Draining

If the water in your sink starts backing up instead of draining, you have one of two problems. This can mean there is a clog in the kitchen sink pipe or even a garbage disposal clog. The first type of clog can be caused by the build-up of grease, sediment, or even hair over time. The other happens when trying to dispose of large amounts of starchy foods at once. Keep in mind while handy, garbage disposals and plumbing are still not equipped to handle large amounts of food at once.

The Blades Have Stopped Turning

Do you hear a humming or buzzing sound? If the blades of the garbage disposal are starting and stopping sporadically or not turning at all, this can be an indicator that there may be something stuck in the flywheel. If there is, remove the obstruction and reset the disposal. Once you do that, the blades should turn smoothly again.

There’s No Power

When you flip the switch but the disposal doesn’t turn on or make any noise, it can mean that it’s probably not receiving power. This problem can be caused by the plug getting knocked out of the outlet. Or, it can be as simple as the disposal could just need to be reset. If neither works, a professional should be called in.

The Garbage Disposal is Leaking

If you notice that your disposal is leaking, you must first determine the origin of the leak before you can go about fixing it. The sink flange or gasket could be loose or damaged, causing leaking. Additionally, the clamp on the hose line may not be secured tightly enough, or the drain line could be loose or disconnected. Or, the disposal itself could be cracked or broken, which may call for a repair or total replacement.

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