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Home Remodeling  /  March 4, 2020

Things To Consider Before Upgrading a Half-Bath

Upgrading a half-bath to a larger bathroom can be very tempting. Whether you’re trying to upgrade to three-quarters or a full bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you have space? Can your current plumbing system handle it? What will the cost be to the long-term value? 

A home plumbing services company can give you price quotes in regard to upgrading a half-bath. As you look at different renovation options, here are some things to think about. 

What’s the Difference Between a Half, Three-Quarters and Full Bathroom?

Are you sure your existing bathroom is a half-bathroom? Or is it a three-quarters bathroom? Generally, an easy way to tell what type of bathroom you have is to count water fixtures. 

A full bathroom will have all four: shower, tub, sink, and toilet. A half bathroom would only have two, typically a sink and a toilet. A three-quarter bathroom that might have a tub but no shower or a shower with no tub.

What Goes Into an Upgrade?

Usually, the first thing to consider is space. Do you have enough space to expand on your existing bathroom in a tremendous way? Or would the upgrade leave the bathroom feeling even more cluttered? Decide what is a must-have for this bathroom before proceeding to the next step.

How Much Light the Bathroom Gets Currently

Light can change how the bathroom looks and feels. If you have a bathroom without natural light, take this as an opportunity to add some. You will also want to consider how much will be needed without making the space too dark during the expansion.

What Type of Water Fixture to Add

A tub has different plumbing demands than a sink. A home plumbing services company can give you an estimate and set realistic ideas for what expansions you can and can’t do based on your home. If a tub is too much work, consider a shower-only option.

Energy Efficiency

Even if you can afford the expansion at the moment, would this type of renovation up your overall utility costs? Any room expansion, such as the bathroom, has the chance of changing your bills after the fact.

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