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Home Improvement  /  January 6, 2020

Which Electrical Switch is Best?

Switches might be one of the most easily overlooked but useful items in your home. There’s different types of switches that all serve different purposes, making it hard to easily replace one when you need to. 

Replacing switches might be something to consider if you’re planning on updating the electric in one or more rooms of your house. An electrical handyman can help you pick and install the right switch for your home. So what type of switch do you go with? 

There’s really four main types: single-pole, double-pole, three-way and four way. 

  • Single-Pole: This is your typical light switch with On and Off functions and markings. This it the standard switch for lights and any other device or outlet that needs an on-off function.
  • Double-Pole: This type of switch has the same type of function as a single-pole. The only difference with a double-pole switch is that it can handle more power. Instead of just a light, it can handle powering appliances and motors. 
  • Three-Way: Three-way switches work with another switch to let you control a light from two different locations. Usually these are found at the bottom and top of staircases. An electrical handyman will tell you if a three-way switch would be useful for your home.
  • Four-way: These switches work the same as three-way switches, except they’re supposed to be used as a way to help control the three-way switches. These aren’t really functional except if you have a large room or want control over a switch. 

It depends on what you’re using the switch for. There are also different styles of switches. The most standard type of electrical switch is the toggle-switch (pictured above). But there are also slider switches for dimmable lights, rocker lights for up-and-down switches as well as button switches. 

The style of switch you choose has no impact on the function of the switch. But choosing the right switch for the function can be difficult and depends on your home. Call an electrical handyman at Handyman Connection today to discuss your options. 

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