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Home Improvement  /  January 29, 2020

4 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Hang Up on Your Own

Many wall hanging jobs can be done DIY-style with just a hammer and a few nails. But some things are better left to the professionals (yes, even if you’ve found a DIY video on it). 

The truth is, hanging certain things on your walls can be tricky, especially if they are large, bulky or fragile. They can require knowledge or special tools that most people don’t have, and botching the job can spell disaster for your belongings – and your walls.

If you’ve recently purchased any of these 4 items, consider calling the experts at Handyman Connection of Lexington before you dive into your wall hanging project.

Call a Professional to Help You Hang: 

1. Flat-screen TVs

Flat-Screen Television Installed by Handyman Professional in a Well-Decorated Room

While most 60-inch flat-screen televisions only weigh around 40 pounds, hanging a TV on your own can still be risky. To start, even the smaller models can be incredibly awkward and difficult to carry. Then, actually hanging your television involves knowing where your studs are, properly screwing into them and finally, mounting the television. 

And that’s just if you have drywall! For brick or plaster walls, this process is different and leaves a lot of room for error, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

And if you incorrectly mount your flat-screen, it could come crashing down during your favorite show (or the Big Game this weekend) – and it won’t be covered by your insurance or warranty. 

However, if you choose a reliable installation service like the team at Handyman Connection of Lexington-Nicholasville, you can rest easy knowing the work will be done right the first time. Plus, the majority of our work is covered by a 1-year guarantee!

2. Large mirrors

Large Mirror Hung Up by Professional Handyman in Modern-Looking Bathroom

Mirrors are deceptively heavy and fragile. If you have plans to hang a large mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, consider calling an expert to handle the installation for you. Like televisions, mirrors can be awkward to handle, and one slip or bump can result in a shattered mirror. 

Plus, if the mirror falls, you’ll find yourself having to buy a new mirror and patch up the drywall (if you’ve already learned this the hard way, we can help – we offer professional drywall repair services in Lexington too).

3. Light fixtures

Geometric Pendant Lights Hung Over a Large Kitchen Island by a Professional Handyman

Light pendants over kitchen islands and kitchen tables are in style, and if you consider yourself a holiday light-hanging connoisseur, you may be thinking that you can easily tackle this project on your own. But hanging real lights the DIY way can end badly if you don’t have the proper electrical chops. 

In order to properly hang pendant lights, it’s important to know how to wire them correctly, and use the right chain or strands to do it. Save yourself the money and headache of having to buy light pendants twice over by calling a Lexington-area electrician.

4. Storage shelves

Kitchen Storage Shelves with White Plates and Glassware

Finally, storage shelves are definitely something you’ll want an expert’s help installing. At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss this installation job as a simple one. But if you’re going to be storing heavy items, it will pay to make sure that you’ve anchored and secured them properly in the long run, especially if you’re planning on hanging storage shelves in a basement or garage with cinder block walls. 

Keep your glassware, valuables and sentimental items safe by hiring a professional to hang or install your storage shelves

Protect Your Belongings: Have a Professional Help You Hang the Things You Care About

When it comes to hanging up your important belongings, don’t leave the job up to chance. Keep your things and your home safe with the home installation and maintenance professionals at Handyman Connection of Lexington-Nicholasville. Plus, we can even help with small wall hanging projects, like picture frames or holiday decorations!

We offer a number of general handyman services in the Lexington area – call or request a quote today to get in touch. 

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