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Home Painting  /  November 23, 2019

How and Why should I repaint?

Paint can fade over time without us noticing. If we can’t obviously tell that it’s faded, does it really need repainting? Or do we just not know how badly it needs repainting because we’re around it? 

Bottom line: How do you know when it’s a good time to repaint? 

At some point, repainting can become a necessity. A professional painting services company will help you determine that point for each area of your home. As you’re going through each room, here are some things to consider.

Do your walls easily show scuffs or don’t seem as bright? 

If you’re around your home all the time, you don’t see when the paint starts to fade or deteriorate. So what are the signs? If the color doesn’t seem as bright or if you’re noticing dirt and scuffs easier, it might be time for a repaint. 

Another sign that your house is in need of a fresh coat is bubbles or cracks. This is especially common in various rooms of your house. While fading might be less obvious, bubbling, cracking and peeling are the sure-fire signs that your home is in need of repainting. A professional painting services company will be able to help you go through and recognize the signs of deteriorating paint job.

Why should I repaint? 

Repainting can make your home look like new again. It’s better to repaint early than to deal with paint that’s already starting to peel and bubble. And if you’re planning on selling your home, repainting is a necessary step.

If you’re not sure if you should repaint, a professional painting services company can help you find and look for the signs of aging paint. 

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