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Home Painting  /  November 27, 2019

Brush or roller? What’s best to use for your paint project

You might not give a lot of thought into how your room gets painted. When working with a professional painting services company, they already have that sort of thing figured out. 

So why would they choose to use a standard paint brush over a roller brush, or vice versa? 

When would you use a paint roller? 

You’d usually use a roller brush for larger areas. You’ll more than likely see them used on walls or ceilings. Coming with longer handles, roller brushes are porous, allowing them to hold more paint and distribute it evenly across a flat surface faster. 

Roller brushes can’t evenly cover smaller spaces. Things like corners and trims are all areas that you’ll want to avoid using a roller brush on. The brush can be washed out, but doesn’t last long. Depending on the color of paint you’re using, your painting services professional could have to swap out brushes multiple times throughout the project. 

When would you use a paint brush? 

Paint brushes are used on smaller surfaces or detailed areas, like a molding. Typically paint brushes will be used to cut in on corners and edges. If you’re looking for a lot of intricate details, a regular handheld paint brush will be your best friend. 

Sometimes you’ll see handyman painter using brushes on walls to create a more detailed texture. There are special roller brushes to create different textures, but if you want more control over how the texture is applied and looks, you might be better off using a handheld brush. Especially because if it’s well taken care of, handheld brushes can last years. 

Not sure which one to use? 

Don’t sweat it! What you use will vary from project to project. A professional painting services team would be happy to answer all your questions. Call Handyman Connection today for your consultation. 

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