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Home Maintenance  /  July 24, 2019

Sudsy Solutions: The Common Causes of Dishwasher Leaks

Being one of the most widely used appliances in your home, your dishwasher is bound to run into a few problems eventually. Some minor problems can be fixed easily; others require a professional. 

Handyman Connection® of Lexington-Nicholasville lists some of the causes of common dishwasher issues below. 

Overflowing Dishwashers 

Overflowing dishwashers are a common problem, but there are several possible causes. These range from relatively minor issues you can easily fix to more serious ones that require the help of a professional. We’ve listed some of them below. 

Dish Soap That’s Too Sudsy and a Tub Filled to Capacity

Your dishwasher may have overflowed because you used the wrong type of soap for your dishwasher: hand soap is too sudsy. Or, it could be that the dishwasher tub was filled to capacity. 

Loose Door Screws and Latches 

You need to keep an eye, however, on whether the leaks are coming from under the dishwasher’s door as this may be a sign that the screws on the latch have loosened over time. Tightening the screws should fix the problem. 

Old, Corroded Tubs 

Loose screws can be a possible reason for leaks in relatively old dishwashers, but so are defective tubs. Over time, detergents may have corroded parts of the tub, creating holes. While repairs are always an option, in most cases, the damage is too extensive. And, in this case, it would be more cost-effective to replace the dishwasher altogether. 

Uneven Flooring 

It could also be that water was leaking out of the dishwasher because it was misaligned, tipping over the water inside. However, the misalignment can be a sign your dishwasher is standing on uneven flooring, which may hint at a more serious structural issue. 

In this case, it would better to err on the side of caution and have a general contractor inspect your home for any wide-ranging issues. 

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