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Home Maintenance  /  June 25, 2019

Cabinet Organization Tips to Achieve an Efficient Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen cabinets is a fairly big undertaking, similar to how garages and bedroom closets are arranged. Motivation is an important key in tackling this project, regardless of the mess created.

Handyman Connection® of Lexington-Nicholasville shares some tips you need to consider to ensure proper kitchen cabinet storage.

Think of the Benefits of Organizing Your Cabinets

It takes motivation to organize kitchen cabinets. Think of the advantages of this project if you feel you are not up for it. One, you save money. No need to buy duplicates of the same item. Two, you save time. You know where your trustworthy pan or any frequently used cookware is located without rummaging the cabinets. Three, proper kitchen cabinet storage helps make meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking a lot easier.

Declutter Every Cabinet

Disorganized items inside kitchen cabinets can be arranged neatly, but not without first decluttering them. Set up a large trash container and a large donate/sell box. Then, pick out expired foodstuffs and other items you think must be thrown away. Others that you don’t often use that take up real estate inside the cabinets can be donated or sold.

Sorting and Arranging Ideas

Your arrangement of the remaining items into the kitchen cabinets must be one that makes sense for you and your family. The important thing about organizing them is to allow those you use regularly to be accessible once you open the cabinet doors. Take advantage of the organizers – group canned food items and separate them from, say, other food items with different packaging. Ideally, foodstuff is best placed on the upper cabinets while cookware and other utensils are situated inside the bottom ones.

Make your kitchen space more functional and efficient with better cabinets that allow you to store great amounts of items. Handyman Connection of Lexington-Nicholasville is the resource you can trust to install custom carpentry or prefabricated shelving in your home. Call (859) 274-4477, or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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