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Home Maintenance  /  May 28, 2019

Advantages of Hiring a Handyman Over Taking the DIY Route

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Given the increasing number of instructions available online, taking the DIY route for home improvement projects can be tempting. It may even yield great results if done right. However, hiring a handyman for your home improvements can guarantee better and more consistent results.

The Right Equipment

Realizing that they don’t have the right equipment is an all-too-common situation in which DIYers find themselves. The DIYer buys equipment that they’re unfamiliar with, performs a clumsily executed repair and then retires the said equipment to the shed, never to be used again.

Handymen, on the other hand, have the right equipment for their trade. More importantly, they know how to use these tools. In addition to getting better results, hiring a handyman will ultimately cost less than buying pieces of equipment you won’t be using twice.


If there’s a home improvement project that needs to be done, chances are your local handyman will know how to do it. Experience also lets them recognize and address issues that may not have been previously noticed. For example, your wooden deck posts may already be suffering from dry rot, the signs of which are easily recognizable through experienced eyes.

Safety Training and Equipment

Your local handyman is not just trained in their craft; they are also trained to keep themselves safe while doing it. Safety training doesn’t just apply to roof and gutter installation. Proper use of equipment like nail guns and rotary tools are important. One wrong move, and they can cause significant injuries. Your local handyman would know better than to use potentially dangerous tools. Handymen also use standard safety tools if they need to climb onto the roof.

Depending on the type of insurance coverage, your handyman may also have workers’ compensation, which covers accidental injuries. Taking the DIY route means should you injure yourself while working on your home improvement projects, your own insurance coverage will have to cover it.

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