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Home Maintenance  /  April 18, 2019

4 Reasons Homeowners Prefer Attempting DIY Projects

When doing home improvement work, you’ll always have to pick between two important choices: DIY or hire a professional. Some homeowners choose the latter since they lack time to do the project themselves, or they simply don’t trust themselves to do it. But there are others who prefer to go the DIY route. But why do homeowners prefer this choice over hiring a professional right off the bat?

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Lexington discusses the four reasons why homeowners tend to prefer DIY home improvement projects.

  1. For Fun – There’s no denying that a DIY project can be fun. You’re not only learning new things, but you’re also keeping your hands busy. Repainting your walls or repairing your siding yourself can have its moments of enjoyment. Plus, if you have children, you may even be able to use the project as bonding time and teach them a few things in turn.

  1. Make Sure It’s Done Right – Some homeowners have an uncompromising vision for what they want done with their home. The reason they go for the DIY route is because they tend to feel as if the professional won’t be able to understand their plans or won’t be able to get it done correctly and in the way they want it done.

  1. Challenge – Challenges can be stimulating at times, and DIY projects, especially large scale ones, can truly be a challenge. If something small goes wrong, they tend to take it as another challenge that can be tackled head-on and proceed with their DIY plans.

  1. Save Money – Hiring a professional can be expensive, especially if you need a large project done in your home. Therefore, many homeowners will opt to do it themselves in a bid to avoid spending too much money on a professional. In fact, studies show that, on average, homeowners hope to save 60% of what they would have to spend on a professional by going for a DIY instead.

Will They Miss Out if They Hire a Pro?

Hiring a professional right off the bat is the smarter choice. Yes, you won’t be able to experience the joy of improving something with your bare hands or challenge yourself, but there are two things you won’t miss out on if you go this route. First, you can still make sure the project you want is done right. Simply speak to your contractor, and make your desires for the home remodeling clear to them to avoid any mistakes or confusions.

Second, while hiring a professional may be a bit of an expense, you’ll still be able to save money. DIY can lead to a host of problems that won’t happen if a professional is on the job – problems that can cost you more than you expected just to repair them. So, while a professional may be a bit costly, it’s still better than spending a lot trying to fix any mistakes you might have made.

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