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Home Maintenance  /  February 13, 2019

Things to Consider When Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances


Stainless steel is a material commonly found in both residential and commercial kitchens. It looks great, resists corrosion and enhances the appearance of the whole space. It, however, is vulnerable to water spots, fingerprints and scratches. So, it is imperative that you keep your stainless steel kitchen appliances clean and well-maintained.

Handyman Connection® of Lexington-Nicholasville, your local home maintenance company, explains more:

Cleaning Products to Consider

There is an array of cleaning agents that can help make cleaning your stainless steel kitchen appliances a breeze. Specific stainless steel cleaners are designed for use on utility surfaces like refrigerators and cooktops. Multipurpose cleaners can be used for other surfaces found in your kitchen like your granite countertop. Another cleaning agent is something you can easily find in your cupboard: white vinegar, which can remove water spots from stainless steel surfaces.

Identifying the Direction of the Grain

Just like wooden components, stainless steel also has a distinguishable pattern known as grain. It runs either horizontally or vertically. Follow the direction of the stainless steel grain when you wipe the material down with your preferred cleaning agent and cloth.

Using Your Cleaning Materials

When you choose to clean stainless steel appliances with white vinegar, transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. That way, the mist gets equally distributed throughout the surface. For wiping down the cleaner, you can use a reusable soft cloth or a paper towel. However, microfiber cloth provides the best results. It has small protruding fibers that act like fine brushes. Similar to towels, they’re softer and easy to wash.

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