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Home Maintenance  /  February 6, 2019

Sticking Door: A Simple Guide on How to Fix It


A functioning door opens with the greatest of ease. It, however, becomes frustrating when it begins to stick. Open it, and you notice a little grab before it releases. In many cases, sticking happens along the metal part of the door frame, where it meets the door’s outer edge, or it’s the edge of the wood door brushing on the surface of the door frame.

In today’s blog post, Handyman Connection® of Lexington-Nicholasville, home of the local home repair and maintenance pros, discusses a simple guide on how to fix a sticking door.

Typical Procedure When Dealing With a Sticking Door

Often, fixing a sticking door involves planing the rubbing edge so that it swings effortlessly. With this method, you would have to remove the door first and place it on area large enough for you to plane it. Once you’re done, you would also have to apply a finish on the planed edge and screw the door frame back into place. It takes a lot of effort to do this, but there are better alternatives.

Tightening the Hinge Screws

Check the hinge screws on both the jamb sides and the door frame. Tighten them using your screwdriver. It is not advisable to use a drill when doing as this will strip the screw holes. If you do find one of the screw holes have been stripped, drive a three-inch long screw in it. It will cover both the jamb and the framing behind.

Adjusting the Door Stop

The problem of sticking may be due to the door being warped, which makes it difficult to close it tightly. Bending the door back into shape takes top-notch skill from a woodworker, but this is a type of door repair that’s both expensive and time-consuming. Instead, it would be better to adjust the door stop to fit the door’s curvature. Pry it using a thin pry bar, and re-nail it to fit the warped door.

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