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Home Improvement  /  January 9, 2019

Childproofing Your Kitchen the Easy Way

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house, where it’s often hard to keep an eye on your kids and work at the same time. Here’s what Handyman Connection® of Lexington-Nicholasville has to say on how you can make your kitchen safe for your kids.

TIP: Keep Potential Hazards Out of Reach

Start by keeping potential hazards where your kids can’t reach them. Small kitchen magnets are a potential choking hazard; replace them with vinyl pads if you need to stick pictures on the fridge. Knives, medicine and alcoholic beverages should be kept in locked drawers while houseplants (which may have thorns or are poisonous) should be kept out of reach.

TIP: Install Blind Cord Wraps

If you have free-hanging shutter cords in the kitchen, you can install blind cord wraps to keep the cords out of your kids’ reach. Blind cord wraps are inexpensive, easy to install and available in colors that will match your blinds.

TIP: Install Childproof Locks and Bumpers

A wide variety of childproof locks can be purchased for cabinets and refrigerators, most of which can be installed without the use of nails or screws. Protect your kids from sharp counter edges and electrical outlets using silicon bumpers and electrical outlet covers. Also, make sure the bottles in the medicine cabinet are fitted with childproof caps.

TIP: Check Electrical Cords for Damage

Always check electrical cords before plugging your kitchen appliances in, and don’t use them until after you got them repaired. Using them otherwise would run the risk of electric shock.

TIP: Keep Edges Clear of Dangling Things

Look around the kitchen, and check it for things that might accidentally get pushed off, such as pot handles on the stove and glassware on the counter edges. You should likewise avoid placing hot food in the same areas to avoid accidental burns.

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