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Home Improvement  /  November 13, 2017

Themed Kid’s Bedrooms To Make Their Rooms Special

The bedroom your kids stay in is not just their personal playground; it’s where their imagination runs wild. It’s only fitting that you decorate and design it according to their fancies and interests. Handyman Connection® of Lexington discusses themed kid’s bedrooms to try out for your next home improvement project.

Themed Kid’s Bedrooms

Library Pad

If your child loves immersing themselves in books, then we suggest installing a miniature library in their room to make it more accommodating to their interests. The book case doesn’t necessarily have to be right beside their study area; you can install it as a border of sorts for the room’s main window – serving as both a functional set piece and an aesthetic one, too.

Ocean-Loving Bedroom

The cooler months are upon us, and your child might be missing the fun they had under the sun. But, who says you can’t bring the beach to the room? The room should have a dominant blue and white coloration, and the decoration should be nautical or beach-inspired. Finally, make sure the windows are free from obstruction so that you let ample daylight into their room for that true summer effect.

Wild West Inspired Room

The Wild West continues to inspire younger generations, so what better way to enchant the adventure goer with the thrill and whimsy of the Old West right in their bedroom. Use wood, and keep the furniture traditional for that Western feel. Browns and whites should dominate, and installing a cowboy-themed wallpaper is usually enough to achieve this effect.

At Handyman Connection of Lexington, we offer professional home remodeling services. If you’re not sure what theme to try out for your child’s bedroom, let us know. We can help you decide on a theme to use and will revitalize the look of the bedroom as well. Fill out our form, or give us a call at (859) 274-4477 for more information on our services.


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