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Home Improvement  /  November 6, 2017

4 Budget-Friendly Fireplace Upgrades to Consider

Your fireplace can easily become the the focal point of your living room. But to do that, you need to make sure that it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. Handyman Connection® of Lexington lists four budget friendly upgrades to consider for your upcoming home improvement project.


1. Color Around the Fireplace

A budget-friendly way to enhance the look of your fireplace is to simply color around the fireplace. A bright, striking color like orange or yellow can radically change the look of your old fireplace – especially if your plan is to modernize the look of your interior. Apart from the sides of the fireplace, a good place to add some color is at the backboard or above the fireplace itself.

2. White-Wash Bricks

Brick fireplaces present a bit of a problem since you can’t exactly paint over them to change their appearance. You can still change the look of your brick fireplace though; all you need to do is whitewash the bricks with white paint, preferably a shade of white with an eggshell finish. When you wipe the bricks down afterward, the result is a faded-looking fireplace that has a surprisingly rich texture.

3. Perimeter Art

Probably the simplest and most budget-friendly way to enhance the look of your fireplace is to simply accentuate it with art. The mantel of your fireplace is the best backdrop for a tight group of paintings or art prints that you can frame. If that’s not your thing, you can simply use the mantel as a stand for your knick-knacks. Just make sure that the art and accessories you put here blend well with the fireplace itself.

4. Tile Fireplace Makes a Statement

Tile can easily enhance the look of your plain fireplace – especially if you use them to achieve a bordering effect beneath the mantel. As with any aesthetic change, make sure the tiles you’re using match the look and established feel of your fireplace and the rest of your interior spaces.

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