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Home Maintenance  /  September 25, 2017

How to Check for Leaks Around Your Home

The early detection of water leaks can help you save money on repairs and avert potential disaster. While it can be tricky to identify a leak in its early stages, there are some tips and tricks to help make your inspection go smoother. Let Handyman Connection of Lexington discuss some of them here:


Using a Water Meter

The best and most efficient way to determine whether you have a leak is to check your water meter. First, make sure that no water is currently being used inside or outside your home. Locate the water meter and check the leak indicator. Depending on the brand, the leak indicator can be a small triangular dial or a small silver wheel. If the dial is moving, it’s highly likely that you have a leak. To be sure, you can take another meter reading after one to two hours. If the reading changes, then you have a leak.

Checking for Leaking Faucets

After determining the leak with your water meter, it’s time to find out where the actual leak is. The first place you should start is your faucets. Leaking faucets are usually a result of worn rubber washers. The washer on a sink is located under the handle, making them easy to replace. Simply shut off the water and remove the handle then replace the washer.

Examining Your Toilet

Another place to check is your bathroom, more specifically, your toilets. Toilet leaks, although often silent, can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Over time, a small leak can add up to significant amounts of wasted water and money. To determine if your toilet has a leak, remove the tank lid and place drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait for at least 30 minutes without flushing and look into the bowl to see if any color came through. If the water is clear, then your toilet isn’t leaking, otherwise, you should start thinking about repairs.

Water leaks around the home are easy to detect and easy to repair. As long as you have the right tools and guidance, you can have those leaks under control in no time. That said, for a more thorough inspection, turn to Handyman Connection of Lexington. We can provide you with the necessary repairs and solutions to ensure the safety of your home. Contact us at (859) 276-1811 to schedule an estimate today.

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