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Home Maintenance  /  August 4, 2017

More Ways to Deal With Safety Hazards

Keeping your home safe and secure is everyone’s top priority. However, this not limited to investing in security measures and locks. You also need to be aware of the safety hazards that are present around the average home. Handyman Connection of Lexington explains what you need to know:

Safety Hazards

  • Burns – Dishwashers and stoves can cause burns and pose risks, particularly to small children. Fortunately, you can minimize the risks by keeping your dishwasher securely latched at all times. We also recommend using back burners whenever possible. You can also add stove knob covers to prevent people accidentally moving the knob to the ”on” position.
  • Poisoning – Several objects in your household present poisoning hazards including your home maintenance supplies and cleaning supplies. You can minimize risk in many ways. You can keep paint out of reach and make sure that all of your chemicals are secure. Place your cleaning supplies in a high cupboard and use a safety lock. You also need to keep your detergent out of reach of kids and pets. Lastly, you need to store your medication properly and keep them away from teens and children.
  • Choking – According to studies, this is the leading cause for accidental deaths. You can easily prevent an accident, however, by learning more about choking hazards and by implementing measures. First, you need to inspect toys for loose parts. Next you need to keep small and hard foods out of reach of children. You can also use a baby monitor to keep an eye on your children in the next room. Lastly, make sure to cut up hard foods for children under the age of four.

This information can help you make your home safe and secure. If you need more help then give Handyman Connection of Lexington a call. We have decades of experience helping our customers with home maintenance and home improvement projects. We also back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us to learn more ways to deal with common home safety hazards. You can also request an estimate.


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