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Home Improvement  /  July 6, 2017

Top Qualities You Need to Look For When Choosing Gutters

Your gutter system might not be glamorous, but they’re one of the most important parts of your home. Your gutters protect your home by catching rainwater and redirecting it to your downspouts. Without your gutters, rain will splash down the side of your home, causing a big mess and possible water damage. Today, Handyman Connection of Lexington will discuss the qualities you need to look for in a good gutter system:


  • Durability – Your gutters are constantly exposed to the elements, so you need to choose a gutter material that will excel in your area’s climate. Metal is a good choice because it won’t rot and is immune to long-term sun exposure. Water also has no effect. Look for gutter systems with strong warranties and a proven track record. These criteria will lead you to strong and durable gutters.
  • Seamless Construction – Seamless gutters have many benefits over traditional gutter systems. They don’t have any seams and they are not broken up into many different sections. This greatly reduces the risk of leaks because there won’t be any gaps in your gutter system. In addition, many gutter installers manufacture their seamless gutters according to your home’s exact measurements. You can be confident that your gutters are a perfect fit for your home.
  • The Right Gutter Design – You need to choose a gutter with the right size and shape for your home. It needs to be large enough to catch all of the water flowing from your roof even under heavy rains. Your gutter should also fit your home’s aesthetics. For example, there are gutters with a decorative crown molding appearance that will look great on most home styles.

Keep these qualities in mind and you’ll soon be able to find a gutter system that’s right for your home. Once it’s installed, however, you’re going to need help with maintenance. Handyman Connection of Lexington can clean and paint your gutters for you. We’ll prevent gutter clogs and keep your gutters looking great. Contact us to learn more about the qualities of a good gutter system. You can also request an estimate.

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