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Home Improvement  /  July 13, 2017

Painting Tips to Help You Achieve a Professional Result

Painting your interior walls is one of the best ways to transform your home’s appearance and make it look dynamic and new. The right paint colors will minimize its flaws while highlighting its best parts. However, painting your interior can be complicated. Let Handyman Connection of Lexington provide some painting tips to help you achieve professional looking results.

  • Prepare the Painting Surface – This step is incredibly important because a cracked or pockmarked surface will not look good once you paint it. For a professional result, you need scrape, patch, sand, and fill every dent, hole, crack, and surface imperfection before you start painting your interior.
  • Combine a Bit of Paint With Your Primer – The primer improves paint adhesion, blocks stains from bleeding through, and allows for one-coat coverage of the surface. Primer can also eliminate texture differences and blotchy looking finishes. By combining a small amount of topcoat paint with your primer, you will greatly enhance the ability of the topcoat to hide the primed surface.
  • Use Canvas Drop Cloths – Canvas drop cloths are better than plastic drop cloths because they will last for a lifetime and they are durable and rip-resistant. You can also fold canvas drop cloths around doorways and corners and they lay flat on the ground. Lastly, they absorb paint drips and they are less of a tripping hazard compared with plastic drop cloths.
  • Get a Telescoping Extension Pole – This pole makes painting the ceiling much more convenient. When choosing your telescoping extension pole, you need to find one that has a rigid metal core and a soft, non slip grip. This makes it easier to control when painting your ceiling. It also needs a metal threaded end.

These tips can help you make your interior beautiful again and help make the process easier. If you want to paint your interior but lack the time to do so, however, then you need to give us a call. Handyman Connection of Lexington is a painting expert with decades of experience. We also provide a variety of remodeling and home maintenance services. Contact us to learn more tips on painting your home. You can also request an estimate.

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