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Home Improvement  /  June 15, 2017

Interior Paint Color Trends of 2017

It’s 2017 and it’s time to give your home a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. But what paint color is trending this year? Handyman Connection of Lexington discusses the top paint color trends that are trendy and stylish this 2017.

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Blue-Green Color Paint

The saturated green color is fairly popular this year, and it’s a versatile wall color that you can use for both your living spaces and kitchen area. To maximize the aesthetics of this color, we suggest you pair it with monotone colors like black and white. Blue-green wall paint also pairs well with a rich, dark brown wooden flooring.


Mineral-gray is fast becoming the most popular wall color for bedroom. Contemporary and traditional homes greatly benefit from this neutral tone color as it establishes a soft and relaxing atmosphere. It’s especially great to use on classic homes since the rich color “modernizes” the traditional design while still retaining its classic look.

Dusky Blue

This is a rich color that is best used as the “base” color for bedroom and living spaces. It establishes an orderly atmosphere and adds depth to the room, making it appear larger than usual. The best colors to go with this wall paint are light brown, white, and vibrant green. Try painting your wall with this color and you’ll see how it subtly makes your room appear bigger than it really is.

Earthy Green

This color works well for living rooms due to its natural and neutral tone. This color is actually proven to establish a warm and calming atmosphere, encouraging you to relax. It’s also a fairly versatile color that can blend well with others. Earthy green matches well with lighter earth colors as well as deep shades of red and blue.

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