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Home Improvement  /  February 20, 2017

Ways to Deal with Home Safety Hazards and Secure Your Home

In a perfect world, homes are safe environments where families can grow and thrive. Unfortunately, there are a number of serious safety hazards in the average home. Handyman Connection of Lexington explains how you can deal with these hazards quickly and effectively:


Studies show that one out of five older adults who fall sustain a head injury or broken bones. Potentially dangerous areas of your home include any room where there are scattered toys, slippery stairs, or wet floors. You can minimize fall risks by hiring us to ensure that your staircases have adequate lighting, solid handrails, and if necessary, safety gates. You can also corral toys and secure your bathroom by placing rugs.


There are a number of common items with sharp edges in your home that can injure people. Handyman Connection of Lexington recommends following these tips to reduce the risk of injury. Store your knives, peelers, and graters properly. Lock them up if there are small children in your home. You also need to store your yard tools when you are not using them. Keep them locked away. You also need to point forks and knives downward in your dishwasher or utensil basket. We provide a multitude of storage options for a wide variety of household items.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is dangerous. Low exposure can lead to dizziness and headaches while high levels can cause impaired vision, vomiting, and death. We strongly suggest installing a carbon monoxide detector that alerts you if CO reaches dangerous levels. You can also prevent carbon monoxide leaks by having us ensure that your appliances, HVAC system, and water heater are regularly maintained.

Your home will be safer and more secure once you’ve implemented a few of these tips. If you need more help with making your home safer or if you need assistance with general maintenance then give us a call. Handyman Connection of Lexington has decades of experience helping homeowners with a wide range of home improvement and maintenance services. In addition, we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call to learn more ways to make your home safer. You can also request an estimate.


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