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Home Maintenance  /  February 27, 2017

Here’s Why Keeping Your Gutters Clear is Important

Your gutters are an important part of your home’s water management system because they prevent water damage by directing rain away from your home. When it rains, your gutters catch rainwater and cause them to flow to your downspouts where they will be deposited somewhere safe. However, there are times when dirt, leaves, and other debris can enter your gutters and cause rain to overflow. Handyman Connection of Lexington explains more:

Dangers of Clogged and Overflowing Gutters

Gutter clogs can cause water to pour over the sides of the gutter and saturate the soil surrounding your foundation. This can put tremendous pressure on the sides of your home and cause the foundation to crack. The moist soil can also cause mold growth in your basement. When rain pours out of your gutters, they can also stain your siding and damage your landscaping.

Clogged gutters can also cause rain to flow onto your roof and seep through your shingles. Over time, this can cause roof leaks. Ice dams can also form at the lower edge of your roof because of clogged gutters. The pooling water can cause the water to freeze up and create a barrier.

How We Can Help

Gutter clogs can lead to costly water damage when left unattended. Fortunately, all you need to do is to schedule a regular gutter maintenance program with a professional. Handyman Connection of Lexington can clean your gutters, keeping them in good condition. A clean gutter system won’t be at risk of forming gutter clogs. It also has a longer service life because water won’t pool in your gutters and damage the gutter material.

Handyman Connection of Lexington can clean and maintain your gutters regularly, preventing overflowing. We have decades of experience so you can count on us for quick and efficient gutter cleaning and maintenance. In addition to our gutter services, we can also help you out with carpentry, plumbing, decks, remodeling, and painting. Give us a call to learn more about gutters and gutter cleaning. You can also ask for an estimate.


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