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Home Maintenance  /  October 14, 2016

How to Fix a Broken Tile

We all have “one of those days” every now and then. If your “one of those days” consists of having to replace a broken or cracked tile, don’t worry. Your crew at Handyman Connection of Lexington is here to help talk you through some tips and tricks if you’re tackling the replacement of a broken tile in your home.

Tile, more specifically ceramic tile, is about as durable as it gets, but sometimes heavy objects fall on your tiled floors or knick the corner of your shower, which means it’s time to break out the tools to replace the tile.

Before you begin the process of replacing the tile, check out this solution for small hairline cracks. This will help save you time and money without having to completely replace the tile. Apply a paint that matches the tile exactly. Paint right over the crack with a Q-Tip. If the crack is small enough, you can slide by without replacing the tile all together. This is a pretty common quick fix to help make your life a little easier.

If your crack is too big to ignore or if the tile is completely broken, follow these steps to fix it right up.  

  1.     Put a rag such as a washcloth or thin towel over the broken tile.
  2.     Carefully, key word here is carefully; break up and shatter the entire tile with a hammer. Be cautious so you don’t end up shattering nearby and surrounding tiles. And be sure you shatter the whole tile out.
  3.     Most pieces will fall out, but some will remain. Take out the broken pieces with a chisel or another similar tool you may have at home.
  4.     Next, you’ll want to scrape out the old adhesive glue. This is important to do because regardless of how tedious it may become, the end result will pay off. If all of the glue isn’t removed properly, the tile won’t fit into place correctly and could bubble up.
  5.     After everything is removed, begin applying new adhesive to the back of the new tile.
  6.     Lastly, press the new tile in and seal it with grout.

That’s all it takes! The process may be a little more tedious and difficult depending on the number of tiles you need to replace. If this is common, it may be an indication that it’s time to completely replace the old tiles as the quality can diminish over time.  You can also use that as a good excuse to freshen up the area with some trendy upgrades such as a rustic brick, designs in your tiles, following a grayscale or other colored patterned, or even a wooden look.

Don’t forget that the experts at Handyman Connection of Lexington are always willing and ready to help you. We specialize in any and all home maintenance projects regardless of how large or small the job may be – yes that includes replacing tiles! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your next home maintenance job.


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