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Home Remodeling  /  August 23, 2016

Tips to Reduce Stress During Your Home’s Renovation

You’ve decided to renovate your home. Your friends think you’re crazy and you’re beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, trust your judgment, and remember that the renovation process is temporary. Here at Handyman Connection of Lexington, we understand the overwhelming feeling homeowners can feel during this process. Here are some ways to reduce and manage your stress levels during a home remodel or renovation.

It all starts with laying the proper foundation and making sure you have realistic and proper expectations. Recognize the space you have and understand what you’re working with in bringing a concept to life.

Prior to signing the dotted line with your contractor, make sure that you have a finalized project budget with a little extra wiggle room for unexpected occurrences. Unexpected occurrences will happen when completing a home renovation, so it’s important to make sure and understand that going in. It will significantly reduce your concerns and stress levels if you consider, talk through, and think through some of these occurrences and how you are going to tackle them when they arise.

Now that we’ve mentioned a contractor, it’s imperative to shop around, receive quotes and estimates, and discuss schedules, budgets, and everything there is to discuss when choosing a contractor. Talk to your friends and neighbors in Lexington about whom recently undergone similar projects. Reliability is extremely important as well as this will significantly affect your stress levels if you haven’t vetted out your contractor to the fullest extent. Don’t be scared to ask questions or feel like you’re being a bother. Make sure that the contractor you choose is fully insured and bonded. It’s also important to check references and to ask for examples of previous work so that you can, again, make sure you’re expectations are in line with the end result that the contractor can provide.

Depending on the type of remodel and the materials that will be used, make sure to include waiting times for materials to ship and arrive. Sometimes specialty, customized cabinets, countertops, and etc. can take longer than a usual shipment to arrive. Be sure to build this into your project’s timeline and schedule.

Plan ahead for your family’s living situation during the renovation process. Depending on the scale of the project, consider other living quarters for the time being, or keep in mind that you may not be able to fully utilize the kitchen. Again, this is all dependent on the size of the project, but it is something to consider as you begin the process.

Plastic sheets and painter’s tape will be your best friend and you will thank us later when it comes time for clean up. This will keep the dust and dirt inside of the renovation area and away from your other furniture and floors.

Take deep breaths and remember your end goal. Remodeling can get stressful, but remember the reason you began this process in the first place, and that the renovation process is only temporary in achieving your home’s goals.

If you’re in the process of searching for a contractor to help remodel your home, give Handyman Connection of Lexington a call. We’d love to talk all of this through with you as we are licensed, insured, and bonded and are experts in this department. We’re happy to provide references, past examples of work, and talk through all of the details with you. We’re here to make your life easier, and your house a home.


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