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Home Improvement  /  November 24, 2015

Types of Exterior Doors

Whether it’s the entry door that ushers guests into your home or the back door that leads to your well-tended garden, your exterior doors offer you opportunities to enhance the look of your stylish abode, inside and out. As your first defense against inclement weather and would-be intruders, a well-built exterior door provides you with a higher level of comfort and security too.

A great door is also a smart investment. Depending on the type of door you choose, you can expect to recoup the full cost of the door when it comes time to sell your home. This guide from Handyman Connection of Lexington can help you select the exterior door best for you.

Design Options

Exterior doors are available in a broad array of designs and configurations, from double doors to single doors equipped with transoms and sidelights. Consider both your home’s architectural style and your functional needs when making your selection. An exterior door with a glass panel, for example, not only lets more natural light into your home but also allows you to identify visitors without opening the door. A well-insulated door can make your home easier to heat and cool. When it comes to style, keep color choices in mind as well. The right color can elevate the look of even the most basic design.

Types of Materials

While relatively expensive compared with other options, wood remains the most popular choice when it comes to door materials. Wood offers the greatest number of decorative options and it has the timeless look that people love. Hollow-core wood doors are less expensive, but don’t offer the same level of durability and security. The downside to natural wood doors is that they need regular care to retain their great looks. Be prepared to sand them down and repaint or restain them at periodic intervals.

In contrast, fiberglass doors require zero maintenance. Made from fiberglass that’s molded over an insulated framework, they’re secure and durable too. They’re also available in wood look-alikes finishes that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Fiberglass exterior doors are an excellent choice for areas like Lexington that experience a variety of weather conditions.

If security is your primary concern, a solid-core steel door is the optimal choice. Steel doors offer you the best payback when it comes to getting a return on your investment too. Inexpensive options are subject to rust, dents and stains, however. You many find that it’s worth paying more for a steel door clad in vinyl, wood fiber or veneer. They’re more resistant to moisture and accept paint and stain more readily too.

Exterior Door Installation

While most exterior doors available today are marketed as “pre-hung,” installation typically involves making adjustments to secure a precise fit. Sometimes alterations must be made to the frame or to the door itself. If you’d rather trust the installation to a skilled carpenter, the professionals at Handyman Connection of Lexington are readily available to help. To learn more or to request a free, no-obligation project estimate, give us a call today!

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