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Home Improvement  /  October 16, 2015

10 Reasons To Remodel Your Home

Have you been on the fence about remodeling your Lexington home? Trying to decide if it is worth the time and energy? We at Handyman Connection of Lexington understand that decisions like these don’t come easy. Throughout our years of experience working with clients on their home remodeling projects, we have learned that there are 10 popular reasons as to why people choose to do it. Do one of these reasons fit your need?

  1. Create curb appeal. For homeowners hoping to sell their home in the near future, remodeling the exterior is a sure way to help increase curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint and clean shutters can go a long way through the eyes of a potential buyer.
  2. Looking towards retirement. Those who plan on living in their current home through their senior years find it very beneficial to upgrade their space with age-in-place features like step-in showers and side handle rails.
  3. Desire to go green. Replacing your single-panel windows with energy-efficient windows is just one “green” option that can save you hundreds on your monthly utility bills.

  4. Have a kitchen to be proud of. The kitchen has become a focal point of a home and a central hub for the family. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to upgrade their kitchen to improve the function and the look. They desire a space that is open for people to gather and functional so that the food can look and taste good.
  5. Need to fix the bones. Even though a bathroom may look stylish, the plumbing work is what matters. Investing in new plumbing is a smart choice to make at the start to ensure that the foundation of your bathroom remodel is a solid one.
  6. Can’t move your kids. Many homeowners looking to remodel fall into this category. Does the idea of having your children change schools or leave their neighborhood friends make you want to cringe? If this is you, it probably means you’ll stay in your home until the kids are grown. So, why wait to remodel then when you can now? As your kids grow, your home should grow with them. Remodeling areas of your house will help you feel like the home has been custom-designed to work the way your family needs it to work.
  7. Tired of feeling embarrassed. Do you love spending time with your friends but hate when they ask to have the next movie night be at your house? Believe it or not, this is a very common reason why people choose to remodel. And oh, are they happy to see the results! As soon as the remodeling is finished, don’t be surprised if you are calling all of your friends asking if movie night can be at your house for the next month!
  8. Hoping for a facelift. For homeowners on a budget, the idea of a remodel can sound expensive. However, there are ways to do it without breaking the bank. By making simple changes like adding new paint on the walls, a homeowner can feel like they have given their home a whole new look without emptying their pockets.
  9. Ready to use your basement. Are you ready to see your basement being used for more than just a storage room?  Homeowners looking to add livable space to their home turn their focus to their basement. Finishing out a basement will not only add square footage, but will greatly increase the overall value of your home as well.
  10. Avoid the stress of buying a new home. Instead of spending months looking for that perfect home, completing a remodel can make your home become the perfect one for you. Knocking down a wall to create an open space or upgrading the cabinetry in your kitchen may be all that you need to stay put in the home you love.

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