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Home Improvement  /  September 1, 2015

6 Clever Remodeling Projects You Can Do

Most remodeling projects start with the homeowner looking around at a particular room and feeling like something needs to be changed. A project inspiration could come from the need for more storage space, or it could simply be the desire to change the design of the room to something more contemporary.

Whenever the urge to do a remodeling project strikes, consider Handyman Connection of Lexington to bring in professional craftsmen to get the job done right. Working with professionals can also be a lot of fun because they can help you look at your home with an eye towards creating something clever that will become the ultimate conversation piece.

Stairway to Shelves

The flip side of most stairways are concealed by closets, but some homes have stairways where the back of the stairs is exposed. If you have stairs with an exposed back and have been wondering what to do with them, you can install shelves on each stair and create a unique reverse shelving unit.

Reading Nook Under the Stairs

Another fun idea for stairway backs that are not hidden by closets is to build a reading nook under the stairs. It can be something as simple as installing a reading lamp and small couch under the stairs, or it can be as elaborate as building out the area to include bookshelves and track lighting. If the stairs are exposed on both sides, then put a wall on one side to give your reading nook some privacy.

Bookcases as Doors

If you love old movies, then you are probably a fan of the secret rooms that were hidden behind bookcases. You can use that inspiration to add a unique design touch to your home. If there is a small room in your home that is separated from the family room or living room by a door, then replace the door with a bookcase on hinges. You can even rig it so one of the books secretly opens the door, just like in the movies.

Raise the Floor for Storage

Rooms with tall ceilings can be expensive to heat during the winter, and the ceilings can be difficult to clean. Instead of installing a lower ceiling, consider installing a raised floor with doors that open to create more storage. This is a project that is probably best handled by a professional from Handyman Connection of Lexington. Once the project is done, you have solved your ceiling problem and added more storage to your home.

Put a Skylight Over Your Bed

Most people put skylights over their kitchens or bathrooms to allow more natural light and reduce the lighting bill. But for something different, you should consider putting a large skylight over your master bedroom to create a real ceiling star field at night. Bedroom skylights also allow you to lie in bed and watch the rain fall to create a very relaxing environment.

Baseboard Nightlights

Many families like to have some sort of lighting available to make getting out of bed in the middle of the night safer. Instead of plugging in nightlights or trying to sleep with the hall lights on, you can install recessed lights in the hallway baseboards and connect them to dimmer switches.

Sometimes coming up with a clever home remodeling idea is merely a matter of diagnosing a problem and coming up with a creative solution, and the craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Lexington can help. As you look around your home, look for ways you can add some character to your home and make life a little easier at the same time, then contact us for your free, no-obligation project estimate!

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