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Painting  /  July 29, 2021

Why Is Your Toilet Leaking?

Why Is Your Toilet Leaking

A toilet is intended to be an unassuming piece of hardware. You probably do not give it much thought unless there is a problem with it. However, a leaking toilet draws attention to itself. Not only does it waste a lot of water, but it can also cause serious damage to the structures around it. It is better to call plumbing services in Kitchener as soon as possible to have the cause of the leak identified and the toilet fixed. Here are some common causes of a leaking toilet.

Causes of an External Toilet Leak

An external toilet leak is one in which the water gets out of the bowl or tank of the toilet. This is the type that can cause damage to adjacent structures, such as floorboards and the ceiling of lower levels. While any toilet leak can be cause for concern, you should have these looked at and fixed right away.

1. Worn Out Seal

There is a seal at the base of your toilet that prevents the water from spilling out onto the floor. Over time, this seal can become worn out or loose. When this occurs, it can cause water to leak out and pool up around the base of the toilet.

2. Loose Tank-to-Bowl Connections

While some toilets are all one piece, some consist of two separate pieces: The bowl and the tank. The tank is the upper part that stores water for refilling the bowl as needed. In two-piece toilets, there is a collection of bolts, nuts, and gaskets that connect the tank to the bowl. If you notice a leak appearing in this area, it may mean that one or more of these parts have worn down or come loose.

3. Rusted Pipes

Leaking water around your toilet may mean that the pipes are rusted. This occurs over time for any number of reasons. The rust leads to a crack in the pipe, which is the direct cause of the leak.

4. Cracked Bowl or Tank

A crack in the tank or bowl of your toilet may be the source of the leak. Cracks are not always easy to recognize because they can develop slowly and start out as a hairline. However, if there is a leak, the bowl and tank should be inspected because a hairline crack can get worse over time. Depending on how serious the crack is, it may be possible to repair it, or your whole toilet may need to be replaced.

Causes of an Internal Toilet Leak

An internal leak is one in which the water is still contained within the toilet. This can cause the toilet to make dripping sounds or to run constantly. Because it does not make as much of a mess or cause structural damage, this type of leak is not as serious as an external leak. Nevertheless, it should still be checked out and repaired because an internal leak can waste a lot of water and run up your utility bills.

The flapper is a common cause of an internal toilet leak. This is a rubber part that prevents water from the tank from entering the bowl except when the toilet is flushed. It can cause water to leak into the bowl continuously if it is worn out. Another cause of an internal toilet leak is a flush valve assembly that is misadjusted.

Other Situations

Sometimes it appears that your toilet is leaking when it really isn’t. Condensation can form on the tank or the bowl during a shower or other times when the bathroom becomes humid. This is not anything to worry about because the amount of water produced is not enough to cause damage.
Fixing or replacing leaking toilets are just some of the jobs our plumbers at Handyman Connection specialize in. Find out more about the amazing customer service and high-quality workmanship we offer to residents of Kitchener.

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