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Plumbing  /  May 25, 2022

Waterloo Plumbing Services: Understanding Vent Pipes

What are vent pipes

When most people think of the plumbing system in their home, they only consider a few things: sinks, toilets, and faucets. According to plumbing services in Waterloo, a home’s plumbing system is so much more complex than many people realize.

One element of the plumbing system people often overlook is ventilation. Every plumbing system must include drain line venting. Without adequate ventilation, sewer gases may enter a home or plumbing might not operate correctly.

Unfortunately, plumbing vents can also lead to several potential problems. Therefore, all homeowners should learn about vent pipes and their integral roles in the home plumbing system.

What Are Plumbing Vent Pipes?

From the name, vent pipe, homeowners can assume the pipes allow the ventilation of sewer gases. However, more than venting odours and gases, the pipes act as a pressure stabilizer in the home’s plumbing.

The vent pipes help regulate the level of air pressure throughout the plumbing system. Without adequate regulation, the air pressure within the system can become too great or too low. Low air pressure can cause problems with drainage, whereas high air pressure can lead to problems in the lines, including leaks.

By venting gases and odours, the vent pipes also allow fresh air into the system. The fresh air can improve water flow and improve drainage.

Where Are Vent Pipes Located?

Vent pipes or stacks are often located on roofs toward the backs of properties. Plumbing will install the stack away from windows and air conditioning units. A vent stack installed in the wrong position can potentially cause odours and gases to enter the home.

Licensed plumbers will never install vent pipes in areas that put the homeowners or their property in jeopardy. Whenever working with a plumber, ensure they have a license and that the service they work for carries adequate insurance.

Vent pipes are necessary for every plumbing system. Still, each pipe should be installed away from windows and air intakes for other systems. In most instances, the safest installation site is the roof.

Why Are Vent Pipes Important?

The vent pipe is an integral component of your plumbing system. The pipes allow the evacuation of sewer and drainage gases and odours. Additionally, the pipes ensure waste can flow out of your house without incident.

Additionally, vent pipes help regulate the air pressure within the plumbing system, including drainage. The correct amount of air pressure can free the system of waste.

Unfortunately, if there is a blockage in the system, odours and gases might back up into the home. If you ever smell a sewage-type aroma, contact a professional plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

What Are Some Common Vent Pipe Problems?

Vent pipes are not free of potential problems. As with all home systems, vents require routine maintenance. A dead giveaway that something is wrong with your vent pipes is imbalanced toilet water levels. If the water levels in your toilet continually rise and fall, contact a plumber to inspect the vents.

Some people might notice gurgling or air bubbles forming in their toilets. Vent pipes manage air pressure in the system. If the system is not getting enough air, bubbles might form. Again, a licensed plumber is the only person you should trust in this instance.

Vent pipes or stacks are crucial to the operation of your plumbing system, primarily drainage. If you have drainage or water pressure issues, you might have a ventilation problem. Contact a Handyman Connection professional to inspect your vent pipes and your entire system. A home’s plumbing requires routine maintenance, like all systems. If you cannot remember the last time you had your house’s plumbing assessed, call a professional.

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