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Flooring  /  May 16, 2022

3 Flooring Options To Consider for Children’s Bedrooms

Flooring options for your children's bedroom

Your children’s bedrooms are much more than the places where they sleep. They are the places where your children play, entertain friends, and do homework. A child’s bedroom needs to be safe and comfortable. Ideally, it should reflect something of the child’s personality, meaning that you may feel that you have to redo it at least once as your child grows older. If you are thinking about remodelling your child’s bedroom, here are some flooring options to consider.

1. Hardwood

At one time, hardwood was essentially the only flooring material. For this reason, it has a timeless, classic appeal that goes especially well with traditional home styles.

The main benefit of hardwood floors for children’s bedrooms is that they are durable. They stand up well to activity, and if they do become scratched or damaged, you can have them sanded down and refinished. They are also easy to maintain, needing little more than a dust mop now and then.

However, hardwood floors do have their downsides. Hardwood is a relatively expensive flooring material. It is vulnerable to water, meaning that any spills need to be cleaned up right away. Hardwood also does little to muffle footsteps, so if your children’s bedrooms are on the second floor, you may hear them as they tromp around. If your children fall onto a hardwood floor, it does little to cushion the blow. However, area rugs may help to mitigate the risks of injury and excess noise.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl has many qualities that seem to make it the ideal flooring for a child’s bedroom. No matter what rambunctious antics your children get up to in their bedrooms, it is almost impossible for them to tear or rip through vinyl flooring. Vinyl is also resistant to water and staining, easy to take care of, and inexpensive.

Generally speaking, however, vinyl flooring is not very good for the environment. It is made from nonrenewable resources and requires the burning of fuel to produce, releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere along with other toxins.

It is possible to purchase vinyl flooring made from recycled materials, and this type of flooring is more eco-friendly. If you do decide to purchase a vinyl floor, make sure it is of high quality. Low-quality vinyl flooring can affect the indoor air quality of your child’s bedroom by releasing volatile organic compounds for at least days following the installation, possibly weeks.

3. Rubber

If you are worried about your children falling on the floor and hurting themselves as they play in their bedrooms, you may want to consider a rubber floor. This is the same material found underneath playground equipment to help prevent children from hurting themselves when they fall. Rubber flooring is resistant to stains and low maintenance, easy to clean and difficult to damage. It is much more durable compared to other soft surfaces.

Rubber is made of a natural material that has its own very distinctive odour. Some children may find it irritating, though it shouldn’t do any actual harm. Before you decide on rubber flooring, you may want to give your child a sample to see how he or she will respond to it. You want to be sure that the odour is one that a child can live with before you cover his or her bedroom floor with it. Compared to many other flooring options, rubber is a more expensive material, which makes it all the more important to confirm your choice with your child before proceeding with the installation.

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