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Bathroom  /  February 3, 2022

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom shelving

Bathroom Storage Upgrades: Small Bathroom Storage Ideas in Bloomington, MN and Nearby Cities

If you have a small bathroom in your home, whether it is one of several or your only bathroom, you understand how difficult it is to store and keep your belongings in that small space. There are bathroom storage upgrades and tips available to help you make the most of your space. Examine how you can give each item a place and declutter that small countertop.

Wall Space

Getting everything out of your way while keeping it within reach is a great way to declutter. There will be plenty of wall space in your bathroom to store items such as stick-on wall organizers, wall mounts, stick-on hooks, and more. Tweezers and nail clippers can be stored on a magnetic strip. Hang your robes, clean clothes, and toothbrush. Install a second shower rod in the shower to hang your soap and shampoo caddy.


If you have enough space in your bathroom for a counter, clear it of clutter and leave one dish out in the open. You can keep your small daily items, such as lipstick or floss, neatly stored and easily accessible in this compartment.

Installing Solutions

Set-ups and installations can help you reinvent your space. Empty space can be utilized without encroaching on your already limited space. Install shelving above the toilet, above the door, a corner cabinet, or a lazy-Susan in your cabinet to make cleaning products more accessible.

There are many ways to make your small bathroom storage and room feel larger than it is, including new installations, mirrors, and lighting. Consider what you can do to make a difference and begin small. Give each item a home and try to keep things out of sight as much as possible. With these bathroom storage ideas, you’ll be able to transform your space and increase its efficiency in no time.

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