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Home Improvement  /  December 3, 2019

Double Your Kitchen Storage With These Simple Tricks

The kitchen can easily become a messy place, especially if you enjoy cooking and prepping meals on a daily basis. But with an efficient storage system, keeping things neat and tidy may not be such a big hassle.

Install Deep Drawers and Clever Systems

Deep drawers are quite ideal for storing heavy and larger items like pots and pans. It’s a lot more convenient to access these things from a drawer than a conventional cupboard, where you need to reach up and may sometimes have a hard time getting something.

Additionally, with deep drawers, you can use the full depth of the storage and make organization easier. There are also different storage systems that you can incorporate into your cabinets, such as turntables, pull-out racks, hanging rails and door fixings.

Use Cupboards That Reach the Ceiling

Cupboards that go all the way up to your ceiling easily doubles your storage space. With these cupboards, you can have multiple shelves and use the top ones for storing partyware or appliances you don’t use often. 

Maximize Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be used in so many ways, and one of its purposes is additional storage. It can have open shelving for cookbooks and other accessories, drawers and cupboards, and other custom features like a wine rack or pull-out shelving.

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