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Home Improvement  /  October 11, 2019

3 Kitchen Organization Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

It’s every homeowners dream to have a well-organized kitchen, with every cooking implement in their proper place. Now, you might already have an organizing system in place, but if you find that it’s not quite working out the way you wanted it to, then maybe it’s time to rethink your approach. Here are some common causes of clutter. 

1. Having Too Many Appliances on Display.

You don’t have to bring out all your kitchen appliances and put them on display. Not only does this habit take up precious countertop space, it also makes your kitchen look cluttered. One trick you can use to determine which goes on the storage shelf and which gets to be displayed on the counter is to check whether you have used that particular appliance in the past month. Appliances that rarely get used should be kept away.

2. Letting Wall Space Go to Waste.

Cabinets and drawers aren’t the only places you can use as a means of storage. You can also add hooks, towel bars and even a magnetic knife rack to your walls to save space. Open shelves are also a trendy way to utilize wall space.

3. Underutilizing Vertical Space.

Before you declare that you’ve officially ran out of storage space, try looking at all that underutilized vertical space. It may be a bit out of reach, but it’s a storage space nonetheless. You can use that vertical space to store your fancy, rarely-used dishware reserved for special occasions. This way, you only have to reach for your special dinnerware when there are guests over. 

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