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Home Improvement  /  September 18, 2019

Common Exterior Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Painting your house can give your home a makeover and boost its curb appeal. However, you need to be careful with this home improvement project. Painting mistakes are very noticeable, and you might have to live with the results of your house painting for many years to come. 

Not Preparing the Surface

Paint looks better and sticks better when you apply it to a clean and lightly abraded surface so you should never skip surface prep when painting. Clean all the surfaces you plan to paint with an all-purpose cleaner. If necessary, you should also use abrasive paper to sand between paint coats or to remove the shine from enameled surfaces.

Skipping the Primers

Some people think that they don’t need to use primers since a lot of paint is marketed as paint and primers in one. However, these paint and primer combinations are best suited for light-duty applications. You’ll need primers for other kinds of work. Using primers can improve the surface finish of the top coat and improve the paint’s bond to difficult substrates. 

Not Using the Right Kind of Brush or Roller

Some homeowners use the wrong tools because they don’t know which tool is the right one for their project. You need to study how to use brushes and rollers because different kinds of brushes and rollers do different things. For instance, stiff brushes are best suited for work that needs clean lines, You should use the right kind of roller or brush for the kind of paint finish that you want to see.

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